The Unscripted Players' Big November Show

Friday 24th November 8pm
  1. × £10 Standard
  2. × £8 Concession

The Big November Show is a new production from
The Unscripted Players, the UK's first amateur company dedicated to improvised theatre.

This Autumn, the company's members will put their heads together to bring you a delightful original show.

Imagination will become improvisation, a pitch will become a performance, and their hard work will be become a hilarious night out!

Fun, frolics and feelings guaranteed.

The Unscripted Players were created in order to give everyone the opportunity to experience this fabulous and rapidly growing art form.

We aim to provide a safe, stable and supportive environment where total newbies and old-hands alike have the chance to improvise and perform!

They produce several full productions a year, which could range from full length improvised plays, to improvised musicals to 'Whose Line…' style comedy shows.

With Support From:

Steves and Wooster

It always seems so simple to begin with.

Whether he's cleaning Aunt Agatha's cottage when the chimney explodes, or helping Gussie Fink-Nottle woo the girl of his dreams and accidentally proposing to her himself, Bertie Wooster can't catch a break!

Thankfully he can always rely on his inestimable valet Jeeves to help him out of a tight spot.

Prepare to laugh your socks off as events spiral out of control, culminating in a fantastically frantic and farcical finale in this lovingly improvised tribute to the works of P.G Wodehouse.