Stomping Ground

Saturday 16th December 8pm
  1. × £5 Standard
  2. × £3 Concession

Stomping Ground presents: Small Talk.

Do you love listening to conversations on the bus? Tuning into podcasts? Eavesdropping on strangers in the street?

Join the players of Stomping Ground, as they share their conversations with you and invent brand new stories inspired by them, right before your eyes!

It feels good to talk.

Stomping Ground provides a platform for BAME people in Bristol to express their individuality and tell their own stories through the medium of improvisation.

We teach performing arts techniques and provide performance opportunities to empower young people and foster a sense of community.

Small Talk is our pilot project, the result of 6 rehearsals and a weekend intensive.

Aisha Ali
Bahkai Wynter
Hari Ramakrishnan
Collins Suleaudu
Shay Suhail
Faduma Yasin
Deepraj Singh
Vicaas Hussain

Directed by Pravanya Pillay.

Produced by Caitlin Campbell and Imogen Palmer.

With huge thanks to the Bristol Improv Theatre and Babassa for their incredible support, and Kate Dickinson for her wonderful design work.