Friday 10th November 8pm

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The brand new show from Extempore Theatre,
creators of Olivier Award-­Winning West End hit
Showstopper! The Improvised Musical.

Veteran improvisers Alan Cox and Sean McCann present Rhapsodes, a unique, ground-­breaking two-‐man show that pushes the boundaries of improvised performance.

Inspired by the bardic competitions of Ancient Greece, where poets would compete for prizes, Rhapsodes is a completely unplanned show channelling the past 3,000 years of literature, from Homer to Beowulf, Pinter to Poe, Nostradamus to Dr Seuss.

At the heart of Rhapsodes is the conjuring of a lost Shakespeare play, created from the stories and experiences of the audience.

A combination of improvised theatre, stand-­‐up, vaudeville, poetry-­‐slam and seance, Rhapsodes is like nothing you've ever seen or heard.

"This might just be my favourite thing on the entire planet!"
Three Weeks

"Jaw-droppingly extraordinary"
Broadway Baby

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Real Positive Poles present Spon Trek: The Next Improvisation!

The audience suggests the title of that Star Trek episode they've always wanted to see, but never got made.

Our intrepid cast will boldly go in search of new civilisations and cultures – finding your fantastical idea along the way! Because 726 episodes and 11 movies wasn't quite enough.

Suitable for all levels of fandom.