Pick Your Own Fairytale

Sunday 12th August 11am
  1. × £25 Family
  2. × £7 Standard

Once upon a time, there was a brave dragon. Or fairy. Or dancing tree. Yeah! And one day…

Pick Your Own Fairytale is a show that gets the whole family involved. Not only is the entire story based on your suggestions and ideas, every scene is interactive!

We take the best bits from your favourite Fairytales – a brave hero, scary monsters, and a nasty villain to 'Boo!' – and let YOU decide the rest.

Jump into our fantasy world, and you'll see lots of exciting chances for both kids to shout out, help the heroes, and save the land… all completely unexpected, unplanned and unpredictable!

Join the storyteller and friends, as together we make a brand new fairytale based on your suggestions, complete with improvised songs, dance, and fun!