Wednesday 26th June 8pm

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Olivia is the first English-language play by Bristol-based Spanish-Bolivian director Oswaldo D. Gutiérrez. This comic drama is an adaptation by the director of three different short Spanish-language plays, and tells the story of Olivia, a woman seeking to escape the oppressive confines of life with her severely disabled son.

Over the course of one Halloween, Olivia (Finola Stokes) connects with a stranger, Ivana (Maria Ilijevska), chances upon a former lover, James (Tony Mad), and is torn between her love for her son Oliver (Christian Rowbothan) and the brutal realities of their life together.

With healthy doses of black humour and a pragmatic approach to the truth, Olivia attempts to reconcile her own desires with the conflicting expectations and demands of Ivana, James and Oliver. Digitally enhanced scenery adds to the immersive experience as the talented cast explores some less-than-comfortable aspects of human relationships. The script was edited by Tom O'Brien and Chiara Pappini.