Martin Pilgrim and Becky Brunning: Stand-Up Taping

Saturday 7th September 7:30pm

Two of Bristol's finest stand-ups make their (hopefully) triumphant return from the Edinburgh Fringe and commit their 2019 shows to digital history. Come and be immortalised!

Becky Brunning: Bloom

Funny Women Finalist, Broadchurch actor and former hetero Becky Brunning, accidentally got gay married and now the biological clock is ticking. Join her for some award-winning mega lols as she figures out, err, what the hell now?

Martin Pilgrim: I Write Jokes Not Tragedies

Martin Pilgrim can't go on like this. After spending his twenties writing jokes that kept ending up on Buzzfeed lists with names like '17 tweets for people who still haven't got their shit together', he's almost 30 and ready for a change. Can this former poster boy for millennial sadness do the impossible and manage an hour of stand-up without whingeing? Probably not, but you should come anyway. "Adept and Funny"- The Guardian