Longform Improv Workshop: Introduction to The Harold

Saturday 16th September 12pm - 6pm

Online bookings have closed for this event... but it's likely you can still get tickets in person! For events happening here - you can purchase tickets from our venue box office up to 40 minutes before the event. For events held elsewhere - please contact us for more information.

The Harold is one of the oldest Longform Improv structures, and includes every fundamental skill required in Longform Improv.

This class teaches the training wheels structure and the fundamental approach to scenework required to making an engaging 25-45min longform piece.

The Harold uses an entire Improv ensemble's talents to create a thematic exploration of a 1-Word suggestion, with absolutely no prior planning.

Whether you want to use the form for a completely improvised sketch show or a deeply meaningful comment about society, the Harold is a form that elevates lightweight Improv scenes to legitimate Theatrical artform.