Longform Improv Workshop: Introduction to Solo Longform

Sunday 4th March 12pm - 6pm

This event is now over. Check the What's On for upcoming events!

In longform improv, one of the popular emerging approaches to scene work is to focus on your own performance.

From The Annoyance's 'Take Care of Yourself' philosophy to Andy Eninger's Sybil form, there is an increasing interest in taking longform beyond the limits of group performance.

This class will build the skills required for you to perform solo longform, looking particularly at techniques such as multi-rolling, monologues, scene-painting and editing from a solo performer perspective.

The skills essential to solo improv include strong character choices, initiating with detailed environments and listening to yours own offers.

These are critical to solo & group improv, so whether you want to work on performing a one person Harold or just want to improve your own contributions to a group scene, this workshop is essential!