Local Heroes

Friday 19th January 8pm - 10:30pm

This event is now over. Check the What's On for upcoming events!

What's brewing in Bristol? Our new night champions improv born and bred in the South West scene. Every season we'll present a new line up of local talent, showcasing the variety and quality of work from our little corner of the world.

We Proudly Present…


Macro [mak-roh] adjective
1) very large in scale, scope, or capability.

Naughts [nawt] adjective
1) Archaic. Worthless; useless.
2) Obsolete. Morally bad; wicked.
3) Add-on to the end of the word 'Macro'.


Tales From Otherworld

There was once a door that opened to another world. A magic portal that would transport you from our earthly realm to the mystical land of Otherworld. The doorway had remained closed for generations but according to prophecy it will open one final time.

They're back! The cast of Tales From Otherworld have reformed for this one off special to journey once more into the unknown! What will happen on their last adventure? It could be anything, but it is likely to be very silly.

Tales from Otherworld is an improvised fantasy adventure which was originally produced as the Unscripted Players Big Summer Show in 2016.