Local Heroes

Friday 13th July 8pm

This event is now over. Check the What's On for upcoming events!

What's brewing in Bristol?

Our new night champions improv born and bred in the South West scene.

Every season we'll present a new line up of local talent, showcasing the variety and quality of work from our little corner of the world.


One improviser. One word. One chance to use improvised theatre and song to change the world. IMOGENÉ is Imogen Palmer's visual album.

When It Rains
Two improvisers, two rooms, two experiences, one show. A reflective exploration of your memories, between two people who never meet.

After Dusk
You walk into a play, but none of the actors have learned any of their lines because there are none. This show hasn't been written yet, and every night is opening night. A nightmare or a dream? Who's to say? Up ahead there's a sign. We take a turning through your imagination and arrive at your final destination: An improvised The Twilight Zone.