Kitchen Rules Theatre Workshop: The Sleepover Form

Sunday 13th May 12pm - 3pm

The Sleepover is a form developed by Armando Diaz and the UCB team Mother in 2001, which combines elements of character game, the exercise "La Ronde" and patient slow-burn scenework and narratives which emerge from the organic connections between characters.

This form relies on strong character work and agile game-playing to explore multiple narratives in a unified world.

The result provides the players with the freedom of a montage but the audience with the satisfaction of a well-written stage play.

Our special guest teacher Liam Brennan has been performing improv for over 7 years. He currently performs with the group Fright Club, he has studied at various schools such as The Free Association, The Nursery and Spontaneity Shop. He currently teaches at Hoopla's training school.