Kitchen Rules Longform Drop In

Tuesday 9th October 8pm - 10pm

Concession Tickets

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The Kitchen Rules Longform Drop-In is a weekly drop-in for improvisers who are interested in American-style longform comedic improvisation.

Workshops feature a heavy emphasis on scenework fundamentals and establishing truthful, grounded characters with fun comedic patterns.

Our drop-ins are currently focusing on the core fundamental skills of longform. This workshop will cover an important aspect of longform; ensemble improv.

There are many theatrical contexts in which we need more than 2-3 people on stage, and in improv that can make the improv exponentially harder. Improv requires everyone to be on the same page and the more people there are, the more obvious the "page" has to be.

This workshop will cover group scenes, where we need to quickly establish the context and identify what the scene is about for us to all play with the same idea.

These sessions are OPEN TO ALL, but prior scenework experience is recommended.


Theo Worsley