Kitchen Rules Longform Drop In

Tuesday 3rd July 8pm - 10pm

This event is now over. Check the What's On for upcoming events!

The Kitchen Rules Longform Drop-In is a weekly drop-in for improvisers who are interested in American-style longform comedic improvisation.

Workshops feature a heavy emphasis on scenework fundamentals and establishing truthful, grounded characters with fun comedic patterns.

Our drop-ins are currently focusing on the “who” in the scene. This workshop will cover finding and playing unique relationships that drive the scene, rather than simply exist as a label.

The relationship between 2 characters is critical to good improv scenes, however often this simply exists as a very generic label such as “friends”, “flatmates” or “teacher/student”.

Playing a unique and relatable relationship will almost always make the scene easier to play, often by simply being more specific with these kinds of labels e.g “Toxic Codependent Friendship”, “Flatmates for 15years” or “Nerdy Teacher/Cool Student”.

We will focus on how these characters need to have individual drives and how they can come together to create grounded relatable scenes.

These sessions are OPEN TO ALL, but prior scenework experience and some knowledge of non-narrative longform is recommended.


Monty Sheikh is the Artistic Director of Kitchen Rules Theatre and teaches with both KRT and the Bristol Improv Theatre. She performs with The Inheritance, Scenes to an End, FINE ITALIAN MARBLE and The Delight Collective. She also performed in The Impressionistic Horror.

Before moving to Bristol, Monty founded Bath Improv, then went on to train in New Zealand with Bobbi Block. While in NZ, she also played with Playshop, in Wellington and was taught by Clare Kerrison. She has trained at UCBLA and Second City, with Drew DiFonzo Marks, Holly Laurent, Jamie Moyer, Billy Merritt and Brennan Lee Mulligan.