Isaac Simon: Organic Freeform

Saturday 8th December 4pm - 7pm

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Boiled down to its essence, defining games and forms matters less than an ensemble’s ability to play empathetically and adventurously, moment to moment.

In this workshop, students work on building strong communication, finding inspiration in new and innovative ways, and learning the transformation tools needed to make surprising scene changes. Adherence to form is set aside in favour of organic play. And the end goal: the ability to create a clean and beautiful open-ended piece.

This workshop expands the editing toolkit, and utilises techniques designed to bring games and forms together in ways that deepen the context and presentation of performance. Players are trained in awareness of what’s needed in the piece; the main philosophy behind organic play can be defined as “discovery-before-planning”.


Isaac is an improviser and educator from Boston, Massachusetts residing in the Netherlands. Hi is co-founder and creative producer of the Amsterdam Improv Marathon, he has performed and taught in the US and Europe, and co-founded an improv production company in Amsterdam with improv guru Nora McLeese.

Isaac performs with the 2prov Sassy Murder, the ImproGanga Repertory Players, as MC of the Dam Improv Jam, and is working on a freeform team and several Harold groups. His teaching combines organic play with a focus on being empathetic and finding joy moment to moment.