Improv Double Bill: Scenes To An End & Great American Storybook

Friday 24th May 8pm

This event is now over. Check the What's On for upcoming events!

The BIT presents a double bill of improv talent, especially sourced from the South West. Tonight’s acts are:

Scenes to an End

Scenes to an End, your favourite movie you’ve never seen! Fantastical adventure, gritty crime or cyberpunk romance? All this and more are presented at the Scenes To An End film club, where an entirely improvised cult movie unfolds before your eyes.

Told out of order, for one night only, watch the characters start in the middle of the action before exploring the ambition, passion, and heart-felt adventure, that brought them to the play’s climax.

The Great American Storybook

John Lomas and Lindsey Garwood make America great again, in a way Trump can only dream of. Weaving a story of love and wonder to create a brilliant, funny and touching tale.