Improv Double Bill: Nothingism

Friday 12th May 8pm

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A bad new craze is sweeping the nation: Nothingism.

It's ruined everything we hold dear. Hot off the heels of "anything can be art" is "nothing can be art". If you liked, "too cool for school", you'll love "too cool for literally anything".

Is it a twisted satire of modern culture obsessed with box-sets, apps and technology, or is it a show by weirdly prescient Phil Mann? A one-man sketch show that is weird, moving and obsessed with… well… nothing.

Since appearing with and training under Ken Campbell, The Red Bastard and Monkey Toast, Phil has performed at 10 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals and after 8 five-star reviews and 14 four-star reviews, founding the multi-award-winning BattleActs Improvised Comedy, he returns again with Nothingism.

With Support From:

Degrees Of Error, the Bristol Improv Theatre's house team, are best known for their hilarious and colourful show Murder, She Didn't Write, a pastiche of classic murder-mysteries.

Now, they've stepped out of the dinner jackets and petticoats, ready to present some exciting new improv!

"Unrestrained bursts of enjoyment!"
Bristol Theatre Review

"By far the best improv show that I have seen!"