How Do We Make the BIT Better?

Sunday 3rd September 10am - 6pm

This event is now over. Check the What's On for upcoming events!

It's been six months since the relaunch of our venue and the establishment of the UK's first full-time improv theatre.

Now, the BIT is asking improvisers everywhere, where is improv and where is it going?

We're talking to performers, directors, producers but also those outside of the improv world, to accountants, entrepreneurs and business experts who can teach us how to make the BIT function more effectively as a collectively driven organisation.

Of all these conversations, the most important is with the community the BIT was set up to serve.

So, in September, we invite you, our South West (and beyond!) improv friends to come and help us answer the question: "How Do We Make The BIT Better?"

In an all day "Open Space" meeting, we'll explore this question, as well as anything else that comes up!

The event is free, but please register your attendance above to help us plan and to receive our delegate pack prior to the event!