Bristol Improv Spring Bash

Saturday 29th April 8pm

Improvised American Summer Camp

Cowabunga, dude!

Come on down to Summer Camp, that adolescent paradise frequented by Jocks, Nerds, Goths and every clique in-between. Stay up late telling stories around the campfire, or beat those darn rich kids in a canoe race – anything can happen!

Performed in the style of innumerable teen comedies and coming-of-age films such as Wet Hot American Summer and Moonrise Kingdom, this is an original and completely unscripted show produced by the members of Bristol Improv Society!

Bristol Improv Society

Bristol University's biggest comedy society and all-round good eggs. Bristol Improv can usually be found kicking butt and taking names, because they don't give a script.

"A hilarious and original hour-long spectacle, which had the audience laughing and cheering throughout."

"A mesmerizingly witty piece of improvised comedy – some of the sharpest young minds on the improvised comedy circuit!"