Bristol Bad Film Club: The Divine Enforcer

Thursday 22nd June 8pm

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A vigilante priest takes on a serial-killing vampire!

Why are you not booking your tickets already?!

There is nothing better than the unfiltered vision of a man that has something important to say.

In this case, director Robert Rundle (Cybernator, Vampire Hunter) felt he needed to tell the world his story of a priest who is fed up with the crime-ridden streets of L.A. and decides to dispense justice in the name of the Lord… with high kicks, crucifix knives and guns!

Boasting a cast of B-movie icons who were clearly just there for a day and a paycheck, The Divine Enforcer has a cast that includes Robert Z'Dar (Maniac Cop, Samurai Cop), Jim Brown (The Dirty Dozen, The Running Man), Erik Estrada (CHiPs, Laser Blast) and a very drunk Jan-Michael Vincent (Airwolf) who has his lines taped to the inside of his prop newspaper!

Starring as the kick-ass Father Daniel is Michael M. Foley, star of Desert Kickboxer, Lionheart and Prison Planet, whose psychic priest – oh yes, he's psychic too! – is a hero of our time.

And by our time, we mean 1992.

"There is plenty of things stuffed in this movie to enjoy also… People shot by cross-emblazoned pistols… People stabbed by crucifix-shaped daggers… People karate-chopped by their spiritual leaders…and there's nearly three scenes where someone doesn't look directly at the camera."