Bristol Bad Film Club: Night Train To Terror

Thursday 26th October 8pm

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Before Halloween, we're screening this 'has to be seen to be believed' horror anthology cult classic!

This infamous cult classic gives you not just one horror film for your £5, but three!

Splicing together three horror films around a conversation between God and Satan, who are naturally sharing a train bound for Hell, this Z-movie is famed for its bad dialogue, continuity errors and a random pop-rock band who appear to be making a music video for no discernible reason.

In HARRY, a fiendish killer keeps the horribly mutilated body parts of his countless victims in a diabolical tourture chamber.

In GRETTA, a young woman, obsessed with death, takes part in an unspeakable ritual of Russian roulette.

Finally in CLAIRE, a young woman and a Holocaust survivor are terrorized by the son of Satan!

Plus, it stars B-movie legend Cameron Mitchell (Deadly Prey, Space Mutiny)!

For horror fans, the three films were constructed from the below obscure flicks!

Cataclysm (1980) (AKA: The Nightmare Never Ends; Satan's Supper) (edited into the Claire Hansen segment).
Death Wish Club (1983) (AKA: The Dark Side of Love; Carnival of Fools; Gretta) (edited into the Greta Connors segment).
Scream Your Head Off (1981; unfinished) (edited into the Harry Billings segment).