Bristol Bad Film Club: Jack Frost

Monday 4th December 8pm

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How better to celebrate the festive season than with a film about a killer snowman?

Packed full of hilarious deaths and cheesy special effects, Jack Frost is the perfect bad movie to enjoy with friends this Christmas, making you laugh and wonder how in the hell this got made!

Set the week before Christmas, the film sees serial killer Jack Frost transformed into a killer snowman after his prison transport crashes into a genetics truck.

This film is so scientifically accurate it'll make your head spin.

Panned by critics, but packed full of cringe-worthy one-liners and a gratuitous level of gore and nudity, this horror-comedy is guaranteed to be 84% more fun than your office party and is the perfect end to an emotionally turbulent year.

Check out the trailer here.

Here's what the critics have to say…

"In making it horribly bad, Jack Frost is at the very least entertaining. And is there anything else you could ask for from a B-movie about a serial-killing snowman?"
Movie Views

"The only thing melting was my poor mind."
Premiere Magazine

"There's a sex scene with a carrot. I believe is a first."
KFOR Channel 4 News

**Please note: this film features scenes of violence and sexual assault by a snowman. It is rated 18+**

All profits go to Bristol Zero Tolerance, an initiative working towards making Bristol a city free from gender-based violence, abuse, harassment and exploitation.