Bristol Bad Film Club: Dance or Die

Wednesday 24th January 8pm

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We're kicking off the new year with a little-known Troma movie featuring sex, murder and a performance dance troupe!

Boldly described by its own studio as a cross between "Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever", Dance or Die is one of those films that when you discover it, you begin to question everything about why and how it was made.

Written and directed by Richard W. Munchkin (who actually changed his named to Munchkin, from Jacobs), Dance or Die follows Chandler (Roy Kieffer) who is that typical 80s thriller protagonist – a man who just wants his dance troupe to succeed in the upcoming 'big dance contest'.

If Chandler was gay, then it might make this film ground-breaking in some way, but he's not and the film goes out of its way to convince the audience of this with some of the most stilted flirting you'll ever see on screen and an excruciatingly awful sex scene.

Still, it's intercut with a dance sequence and that makes it hilarious…

Throw in a drug-dealing roommate, an ungodly amount of spandex, a villain called 'Turtle' and lots of obligatory dance sequences and you have one of Troma's most unique films!

TIP: Drink every time the director tries to awkwardly insert some subtext about the dichotomy of life and death into the film!