Between Us

Fri 13th Apr 8pm

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Boy meets girl. But then what?

Why do we fall in love?
What keeps us together?
What drives us apart?

Between Us tells the inside story of one couple's relationship. We discover what makes us fall in love and what makes us fall apart.

Come on a journey of discovery with us and witness the love, the laughter, the pain and the hate of modern relationships.

Come and find out what goes on Between Us.

With support from

The Delight Collective

The Delight Collective present, Friends Like These. The latest improvised format to come from Bristol-based theatre makers The Delight Collective, Friends Like These is a show all about life's greatest gifts: the friends we make along the way.

Featuring Imogen Palmer (Closer Each Day, Impro Melbourne, Soothplayers- the improvised Shakespeare), Nicola Tann (Blanket Fort, the Maydays) and Caitlin Campbell (Degrees of Error, Sherlock, Programmes Director of the Bristol Improv Theatre).