Improv Double Bill: Wittypedia and Real Positive Poles

Saturday 12th September 20:00

The BIT presents a double bill of improv talent, sources as far and wide as America and as near and narrow as Bristol. Tonight’s acts are:
Have you ever gone to look something up on the Internet, only to find that suddenly three hours have gone by, you’re reading about a completely bizarre topic, and you don’t remember what you were looking up in the first place? Wittypedia is an improvised stage show that replicates the Internet rabbit hole experience. This troupe from Boise, Idaho, USA is paying a virtual visit to Bristol Improv Theatre to bring you a unique cross between long-form and short-form improvisation, with plenty of wordplay and absurdity. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and some of the things you learn might even be true!
Real Positive Poles Presents: Choose Your Own Adventure
YOU are a master spy, a mystery solving teen, a vampire’s daughter, a daring astronaut, an aspiring rock star or, well, anything you want to be. What choices will YOU make? What page will YOU turn to? In this show you are the reader in a live action, entirely improvised choose your own adventure style story from Real Positive Poles.

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