Yoga & Improv- Playing from a Place of Calm (Online Taster Session)

Wednesday 14th April
19:30 – 21:00

This session is designed for anyone who wants to bring some calm, ease and self-awareness to their improv, and some playfulness, joy and connection to their yoga!

Using 5+years of experience teaching yoga, Cat will guide you through games, meditations, techniques and scenes with the view of cultivating curiosity, developing an awareness of our body and practicing being in the present.

No experience of yoga or a mat is required! Bring yourself and some clothes you can move in.

Katie Goodman, comedian and yoga teacher described improv as  “like meditating, where you let thoughts come and go and come back to your breath. In improv, you come back to the scene.”

Magic can be found in the present.  Let’s play there!

Cat believes that the body is a crucial instrument onstage, not just a device to carry the brain from scene to scene. By tuning our awareness onto our bodies we are training to listen to our instincts, and practice following our impulses in our improvisation.

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