What’s My Status: Exploring Power Dynamics On And Off Stage with Pippa Evans

Saturday 6th February
14:00 – 16:30

Status; our place in the invisible hierarchy of humanity. We walk into one room and feel like we are the king of the crop and through another door, scuttling into a corner.


Aren’t I the same person in both scenarios?

Yes – and no.

Every day, we are playing status games. When we walk into a shop, when we argue with a partner, when we interact with an authority figure. We give status to each other, and take it away. Whether that’s playfully, bantering with our friends, aggressively, fighting with a foe or gently when we are building up a pal who’s having a hard time. By exploring our relationship to status, and the status transactions in our relationships, we can begin to see situations through a different lens. 

Status play creates dynamic, enticing improv scenes. When we are then able to notice and play with our own status, we can begin to explore how we might apply the same techniques used in scene work to decode what is happening in any given situation.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to explore improv as a tool both on and off stage. We will do all our learning through exercises and  scene work with time to discuss and reflect on our own experiences of status and power dynamic in real life. 

“The work we did on status blew my mind, as it’s really not something I had ever been consciously aware of. Once you see it, you notice it everywhere. I became very aware that my “natural” state was on the lower end of the scale, and I found the exercises we did really interesting. I have played around with this in real life, mentally telling myself to be more “10” when I’m in a nervous situation such as a job interview (or sometimes just for fun walking down the street)!” Sarah, Improv Your Life participant.

Attendees must have completed a beginners class to attend. You should be aware of and able to apply collaborative practise (Yes And) alongside being able to build a basic scene platform. 

Pippa Evans is one of the original members of Olivier Award-winning improv musical troupe The Showstoppers, whom she plays with regularly. She has taught improvisation at various festivals across the globe and regularly runs her course Improv Your Life, which she developed in 2014 during her time at Sunday Assembly. Her debut book Improv Your Life: An Improviser’s Guide To Embracing Whatever Life Throws At You will be released on Feb 18th, 2021 but is available to pre-order now. When not improvising, Pippa can be found watching Line of Duty or trying to convince herself to go for a run. www.pippaevans.com @iampippaevans