Unscripted Players Pitching Workshop

Thursday 7th July

From 17:30 – 19:30*

This is a free workshop for anyone who is considering pitching for the next Unscripted Players Big Show. 

If you have an idea for an improv show, even if it’s currently only the seed of an idea, and you want to figure out how to develop it further, then come along to this supported workshop run by the Programmes and Productions Manager. 

In this session you will:

  1. Be given guidance on what areas to think about and consider when building your pitch 
  2. Have an opportunity for peer supported open discussion about your idea
  3. Be given some tools to help when you come to write your pitch
  4. Have an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the Unscripted Players Big Shows 

Please note you don’t have to attend this workshop in order to pitch for the Unscripted Players Big Show, this is only meant as extra support! 

*If you wish to attend but are unable to make the 5.30pm start then sign up and drop us an email (we appreciate it’s hard to get over after work so if you’re going to be a little late that is totally fine!)

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