Tales of Adventure 5th Anniversary Show

Friday 5th November
20:00 (Doors Open 19:00)

Join our brave band of heroes in an epic fantasy quest, improvised LIVE before your very eyes!

Led by the all-powerful Gamemaster – our heroes will search for treasure, battle deadly foes, and contend with dangerous twists of fate as they struggle against evil to save the world!

Our heroes will enter a magical fantasy world (think Lord of the Rings, with a few twists), inspired by a certain popular roleplaying game (which we can’t mention by name for copyright reasons).

Our loveable rouges Marcus LaVelle, Calmac Fingol, Charity McSweeney and Rug will be attending in their full costumes to tell what will surely be a hilarious continatuion of their story.

And if you turn up in D&D inspired wear as well, we’ll love you forever!

With our hilarious cast of comedians and improvisers (as seen in Murder, She Didn’t Write and The Unscripted Players) there are endless possibilities and amazing surprises ready to be discovered in Tales of Adventure!

Tales of Adventure is a D&D inspired, improvised panel show where each show is part of an ongoing series. Our cast will guide you through the story and fill you in on any previous important events so don’t be afraid to dive straight into the epic campaign!

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Show photos by Lee Pullen Photography

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