Rachel Fairburn: Maniac

Rachel Fairburn is a maniac. She’s got manners though and keeps it to herself. Not like you lot. You’re all mad.
Saturday 9th October 20:00


You’re either screaming at strangers on the internet, telling everyone what to think or bearing your soul on Instagram about how bloody brave you are cos you’ve felt a little bit sad lately.

You all need a good talking to and Rachel is here with her big mouth and big opinions to give it you.

If you’ve bought a ticket, you’ve consented. See you there.

As seen on the BBCs Funny Festival Live and Stand Up for Live Comedy.

Co host of hit podcast All Killa No Filla.

“Huge presence in a pint-sized frame” ★★★★ Chortle

“Bright, brave and bitterly enjoyable” ★★★★ Skinny

“Gag-heavy, opinionated and smart” ★★★★ Funny Wome

Tickets for this event are on sale through the Chucklebusters website