Project 2

Project2 are Katy Schutte, Chris Mead and Fred Deakin and they make improvised science fiction.

Friday 29th November 20:00


Katy and Chris create and play the characters, dialogue and story. Fred makes the soundtrack. Each performance is utterly unique and could fall into any of the endless sub-genres that make up the multiverse-spanning superstructure of the science fiction genre.

Project2 teach and perform throughout Europe, with a residency at the Hoopla Comedy Club in London.

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Object of Affection

Love is the common feeling connecting all living creatures on earth. But what if objects can fall in love, have their heart broken or live happily ever after? Maybe a pencil and an eraser can have a future. Or maybe true love is out of reach for a cactus and a balloon.

In this duoshow, we follow the impossible love story between two objects. Will they succeed to see beyond their differences? Will they be accepted in their lover’s family? Will love win overall? Laura and Gael are playing strong and physical characters to bring you a universal story of love and its obstacles. A show like a Pixar movie: sensitive, funny and never trivial.

Object of Affection is a beautiful, sweet, funny, physical show full of heart and laughter created by two absolute masters of their craft. It can be easy for old improvisers like myself to get jaded but watching this show will make you feel like you’re watching improv for the first time all over again. It’s just that magical.
— Kevin Gillese – Artistic Director of Dad’s Gaage, Atlanta (USA)