Performing Improv L1 – Telling Stories

This course is part of our Performing Improv programme. Learn to train and develop your storytelling instincts.

Tuesday 7th January 19:00

How do we learn to tell a satisfying shared story on stage through the medium of an improvised narrative show?

How can an ensemble learn to work together to support the story arc and create the best story possible?

How do we avoid the ‘boring bits’ of an hour-long format and train ensemble awareness of the shape of the show?

This 7-week course will use Keith Johnstone inspired exercises and techniques to hone participants’ ability to sustain an exciting improvised narrative show, as well as explore a number of tools to inspire and shake up participants’ scene work skills. It will culminate in a Showcase for friends, supporters and family in week 7. 

Suitable for those looking to develop their storytelling, improvised narrative and scene work skills.


Will Gawned has been improvising since he moved from Australia to Bristol in 2016 and discovered the BIT, although in retrospect he’s been making it up as he goes along all his life. With a background in scripted theatre, performance poetry, science teaching, creative writing, and D&D, Will is the survivor of two Bristol Improv Marathons, Some Sing About Mary, Pick Your Own Panto and company directing the Unscripted Players.