BBFC presents: NEW YORK NINJA (1984)


Thursday 20th January


Prepare to kick off 2022 with a ninja film long thought-lost!

Originally directed by & starring martial arts actor John Liu in his only American movie, and produced by legendary New York exploitation producer Arthur Schweitzer, New York Ninja was filmed entirely on 35mm in 1984, but the project was abandoned during production resulting in all original sound materials, scripts, and treatments going missing.

35 years later, Vinegar Syndrome have acquired the original unedited negative and painstakingly completed the film. Now with the voices  The rights and unedited original negative were subsequently acquired by Vinegar Syndrome, who have meticulously constructed and completed the film, enlisting the talents of genre film superstars Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Linnea Quigley, Michael Berryman, Vince Murdocco, Matt Mitler, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Ginger Lynn Allen, and Cynthia Rothrock to voice the leads.

Restored in 4K from the original camera elements, New York Ninja is “finally available in all of its ridiculous over-the-top glory for the first time ever… after spending nearly four decades in film obscurity.

A sound technician for a news station becomes a vigilante ninja in NYC after his pregnant wife is murdered.

“From the opening credits of New York Ninja, you already know this movie will be a ride. The campiest of heroes, the zaniest of villains, and the grimiest you’ve ever seen New York? Absolutely brilliant. Rarely does a movie ooze creativity and style in the manner New York Ninja does. You can feel the shoestring budget through the screen, but what they did with what they had was immaculate.” – Full Circle Cinema

“New York Ninja is the kind of gem that demands viewing with a crowd. This is the reason we go to the cinema in the first place, to be a part of something special, to commune with our film-loving families and share not just a movie, but an experience. New York Ninja is one hell of an experience, an ecstatic fever-dream of a film that you will want to shout about from the rooftops.” – Screen Anarchy

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