Multiverse Musical

Friday 12th November

20:00 (Doors 19:00)

Two Universes. One Musical. All Improvised! 

How much can one choice change your life? One decision creates two wildly different lives in this hilarious, uplifting and 100% improvised musical.

Every show is unique as Multiverse take a location and title from the audience before spontaneously spinning a Sliding Doors style tale through two lifetimes of heartfelt connections, laugh out loud adventures and soul stirring songs.

Do you tell your best friend that you love them? Move to Paris? Pee before you leave the house?

Leave no path unsung. 

Multiverse is simultaneously created and performed by top performers from Edinburgh Fringe sell-out hit CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation, London mainstay Music Box, the award winning Jericho Comedy and hit immersive murder mystery Play Dead London.

…musically dynamic … clever wordplay – especially impressive when you consider that they were making it up on the spot.☆☆☆☆ Everything Theatre

Dynamic musical theatre experience” ☆☆☆☆ Broadway Baby 

Supported by : Solicitors

Solicitors cut to the chase.

Solicitors explain clearly how things happened.

Solicitors represent truly deplorable people.

Solicitors defend the innocent.

Solicitors are a two person improv team featuring Mark Long & John McInnes.

Solicitors are all of the above

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