Make your Brain Hurt (in the good way) with Caitlin Campbell (Online Taster Session)

Wednesday 13th January
19:30 – 21:00

Training a specialist skill can enliven our improv practice and give wow-factor to performances. But it also goes hand in hand with the discomfort of returning to the state of a beginner, which can trigger anxiety and insecurity in even the most seasoned improviser.

In this 90 minute taster session, we’ll be embracing this discomfort to unlock new worlds of inspiration. We’ll get our teeth into imitating language and literary styles, exploring tone, vocabulary and sentence structure to mimic our favourite authors. 

Built from exercises learned from a career in teaching, directing and performing in incredibly wordy improv shows (and a lifelong love of books), this course will help new improvisers and experienced students alike to build resilience in the rehearsal room, nurturing an attitude of ambitious play in a supportive environment.

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