Intro to Improvised Movement with Deepraj Singh

Saturday 2nd July

10:00 – 13:00

This workshop is located at The Station, in the Dance Studio

In this beginner’s workshop we will look at moving from a place of intrigue and curiosity. The main aim of this class is to familiarise ourselves with how our bodies want to move, putting an emphasis on exploration. We will look at multiple ways of getting into movement through the use of improvisational games and tasks and trying to quieten that judgemental voice. Most of these will be done collectively as a group, similar to thinking out loud, but with our bodies. Conversation and discussion can also play a big role in understanding our bodies, so there will be space for debriefs in between tasks. 

So, whether you just want to have a playful groove with others, or want to bring more awareness to your body, come along and have a boogie!

Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended (helps with being able to fully explore), barefoot or socks and please bring plenty of water with you!


The Station, Silver St, Bristol, BS1 2AG

Class Details

Places are capped at 15. This workshop is located at The Station in the Dance Studio.

Photography credits:

Himmat Iqbal (Portrait Image)

Rachel Eames (Banner Image)