Intro to Performing Improv

Intro to Performing Improv

1st November – 6th December

Mondays | 19:00-21:30


Written as a follow up to our hugely popular Discovering Improv course, this six-week course will immerse you in the fundamentals of improvising for an audience through games, exercises and scenes. 

We’ll explore and build on the concepts of acceptance, support and listening with exercises hand-picked from our instructors’ own toolkits, built from training with masters from all over the improv world. 

Who is this course for?

  • Students who have completed Discovering Improv and want to take the next step
  • Performers who are new to improv and want to learn the fundamentals of improvisation for an audience
  • Anyone who has learned improv elsewhere and wants to start learning with the BIT school

Class Details

This is a 6-week course, capped at 10 participants, plus 2 instructors (12 in total). It will take place in the drawing room space of the Bristol Improv Theatre. 

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If you have any accommodations or access needs, questions, feedback or concerns about the classes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our theatre school manager Imogen at

About the Instructor

Ros Beeson has been improvising since 2012, and performing and directing as part of her graduate group Up The Antics since 2014. She is also a regular cast member and assistant director of ‘The Bish Bosh Bash’ and of Real Positive Poles ‘After Dusk: An Improvised Twilight Zone’. Amongst her theatre credits she has devised, written and produced a short play for The Essential Mix Theatre company and devised, directed and produced the UP November show ‘Level Up’.