Improv and Intimacy Direction with Lucy Fennell

25th February – 1st April
Thursdays | 19:30 – 21:00

The way we rehearse and stage scripted scenes of intimacy has been revolutionised by the advent of Intimacy Direction; championing consent, open communication and carefully negotiated choreography.  

But where does this leave the intimacy found in improvisation? How can performers possibly gain enthusiastic consent when the action is spontaneous? What measures can an improv group take to instil safer practices in their rehearsals and performance? And when we get back to performing improv in person, how might we approach physical intimacy differently?  

Over the six weeks we will use exercises, discussions and teacher lead learning to explore the five ‘pillars of intimacy’ and how they interact with improvisation, as well as how we can use them to confidently and safely navigate the use of both physical and emotional intimacy in our improv.  

This course is invaluable for improvisers as well as directors and teachers of improv and will cover:  

  • Ways that improvised theatre is being influenced and supported by the field of professional intimacy. direction. 
  •     New perspectives on safely improvising scenes of a physically intimate nature.
  •     The ways language can be adjusted to open up dialogue around consent in scenes that include intimacy. 
  •     Exercises to encourage the sharing of boundaries in your improv group or workshop. 
  •     Strategies that allow improvisers to separate the personal from the performance, and increase resilience by practicing self care. 



Lucy is an improviser, director, teacher and the mischievous creator of The Dirty Picnic Club; a social experiment meets improvised theatre show. She is a founding member of Impromptu Shakespeare and as well as improvisation, Lucy has trained in Lecoq, clowning and bouffon. She is a qualified teacher and is a qualified intimacy director with Intimacy for Stage and Screen. (ISS)

Lucy is interested in cultivating authentic, candid improvised performance and is fascinated by the art form’s capacity to jolt and surprise both audience and improviser. She is committed to creating a nurturing, open space for participants to discover, learn and be inspired

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