Online Women & N.B Identities Improv Drop In

Emotional Intimacy with Lucy Fennell

Thursday 19:00-20:30


This online monthly workshop is for all women and non-binary people looking to discover and explore improv.

This month’s workshop will be facilitated by BIT Associate Director Lucy Fennell.

The class will focus on ways to safely perform scenes that are personal (to your character) emotionally intimate, confessional and compelling. Transcend the confines of the Zoom room and create characters with convincing connection and tangible chemistry. Along the way, you will be introduced to strategies that empower the performer to advocate for their own safety in scene work, assert boundaries around content, and separate the personal from the performance.

Following the workshop will be an optional opportunity to socialise and connect with participants.

These workshops are inspired by the excellent work of New Zealand-based improviser, producer and director Christine Brooks. They are the last Thursday of every month.

Please note: We are using an inclusive definition of ‘woman’ and ‘female’ and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people.


Lucy is an improviser, director, teacher and the mischievous creator of The Dirty Picnic Club; part social experiment, part improv show. She is a founding member of Impromptu Shakespeare and as well as improvisation, Lucy has trained in Lecoq, clowning and bouffon. She is a qualified teacher and is currently a trainee intimacy director with Intimacy for Stage and Screen. (ISS)

Lucy is interested in cultivating authentic, candid improvised performance and is fascinated by the art form’s capacity to jolt and surprise both audience and improviser. She is committed to creating a nurturing, open space for participants to discover, learn and be inspired.