Shaping & subverting expectations in improvised scenes with Stephen Clements

Shaping & subverting expectations with Stephen Clements (6-week online course)

Begins Tuesday 1st September 19:00-20:30


Shaping & subverting expectations in improvised scenes with Stephen Clements, a 6 week online course running Tuesdays 1st September – 6th October.


You can never truly know what will happen next in an improvised scene, but you always have an expectation of what might. From subversive punchlines, to fulfilling the tension leading up to a dramatic confrontation, to surprising twists and revelations, the expectations of the performers and the audience shape improvised scenes and stories of all types.

In this online course we’ll explore a range of tools and techniques to develop participants’ ability to shape, draw from, and play with their audience’s and their own expectations, adding a new layer of playfulness and possibility to their improvised scenework.

Some improvisation experience is recommended as there will be personalised feedback and coaching.

Every session will include the chance to chat and connect with the other members of the group following the class. This course is capped at ten places.


Stephen Clements has been improvising for twelve years and teaching for seven. He is a founder and director of the Bristol Improv Theatre. Stephen is a founding member of Degrees of Error Theatre Company and helped to create their flagship show Murder, She Didn’t Write. He also performs with Tally Ho productions in Steves & Wooster and Holy Unauthorised Improvised Parody, Batman! and is Games Master for the Bristol Improv Theatre’s cult hit Tales of Adventure. Stephen holds a PGCE in mathematics.