Hip Hop Improv: Freestyle Lab

Wednesday 27th July

19:00 – 22:00

In this three-hour workshop, hip hop improv veteran RJ Williams works with students on developing a freestyle flow that fits their personal rhythm. We will explore various freestyling techniques, discover how a character’s viewpoint would influence their flow, and engage in improv freestyling challenges meant to sharpen students’ rapping skills.

About the instructor
RJ Williams

RJ performs in New York City with North Coast Hip Hop Improv and Baby Wants Candy. With over ten years of improv experience, he has taught and performed musical and hip hop improv across the US and Europe. His groups have headlined various festivals, performed for the United Nations, and performed on Broadway as part of “This is How Music Works” with David Byrne. RJ is also a part of the North Coast Podcast, which is available on Spotify, Apply Podcast and more.

Class Details

Places are capped at 16.

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