Dungeons & Dragons & Improv (Online Taster Session)

Tuesday 8th December
19:00 – 20:30

Do you enjoy playing the role of a dynamic hero (or villain)?

Do you love to face great challenges as part of an epic quest?

Do you want to unleash the power of your imagination?

Humans have told stories for entertainment since before the advent of the written word.  Weaving worlds of fantasy and wonder captures our imagination in a way that few things can.

In the latter half of the 20th century, two new forms of the ancient art of storytelling began to gather popularity: Dungeons and Dragons, and improvised theatre. Though they take different approaches, both share the common goals of good fun and a great story!

Applying the structures and tropes of tabletop RPGs to improvised games and scenes (and vice-versa), we’ll explore what these pop culture cousins can teach each other about the art of shared storytelling.

In this taster class we’ll look at:

  • Creating compelling larger-than-life characters
  • Taking the initiative and leaping into action
  • Embracing the drama of an uncertain outcome

If you’re an improviser looking to level up your character work and bring shape and structure to your narratives, or if you’re a roleplayer looking to empower your imagination and breath life into your games, this is the workshop for you!

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Stephen Clements has been improvising for twelve years and teaching for seven. He is a founder and director of the Bristol Improv Theatre. Stephen is a founding member of Degrees of Error Theatre Company and helped to create their flagship show Murder, She Didn’t Write. He also performs with Tally Ho productions in Steves & Wooster and Holy Unauthorised Improvised Parody, Batman! and is Games Master for the Bristol Improv Theatre’s cult hit Tales of Adventure. Stephen holds a PGCE in mathematics.

Photo Credit: Lee Pullen

A picture of numerous colourful, multi-sided dice