An Evening with Landry & Summers

Wednesday 14th September

20:00 (Doors Open 19:00)

Shaun Landry and Hans Summers are Landry & Summers. This improv sketch comedy duo have a lot of chemistry and a long history – performing improvised comedy together since 1986! Veterans of the 80s and 90s first flourishing of improv comedy formats, Shaun and Hans are founding members of Oui Be Negroes, the African-American majority improv comedy ensemble, and Directors of The Ledge Theatre which promotes and supports diversity in theatre in Los Angeles. 

Join Shaun and Hans after the show for a Q & A on their work in theatre and improv including their plans for The Ledge, their experiences in improv since they first met in the 80s, and the impact of their work on improv and theatre then and now.