Covid Security in Classes

We have followed government guidance to make sure all of our classes are Covid-secure, while also working hard to make sure physically-distanced improv is still fun, friendly and playful.

We also offer full flexibility on bookings to give you peace of mind when planning ahead.

Please note that our safety policies will be reviewed when limits on social contact are relaxed, no earlier than 21st June. 

What we are doing

Reduced Class Sizes

Class sizes have reduced from a maximum of 16 to a maximum of 9 with the instructor. This is to help maintain physical distancing of 2m in the theatre space.

Improved Ventilation

The doors to the theatre space are opened regularly to ventilate the room

Improved Cleaning

All rooms are thoroughly cleaned before the workshop starts and in-between classes

Hand washing facilities

Hand washing and gel is available on entrance, in toilet areas and in the theatre space

Booking flexibility

We are giving you full flexibility on all bookings, past, present and future.

Non-Contact Games

We’ve redesigned our games and exercises and trained our teachers to have non-contact and at-a-distance versions of all games.

An opportunity to connect

What we offer is an opportunity to connect with others within clear physically distanced boundaries. This will be different but we can assure you it will be joyous and fun!

What we expect from you

Book in advance

All workshops and courses must be booked online, in advance of the workshop, to help limit numbers.

Stay at home if you have symptoms

We have a flexible exchange or refund policy so you can stay at home if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, sudden loss of or change to taste and smell)

Arrival Time

The theatre doors will open 15 minutes before the class is due to start. Please don’t arrive earlier than this as the space won’t be ready.

Handwashing frequently

Please wash your hands on arrival and during breaks

Wearing masks

Please wear a mask when arriving at the theatre and moving in the corridors. You are invited to wear a mask when observing in the audience but this is not mandatory.

Social distancing

Please be mindful to maintain a 2m distance from others during the class and when entering the theatre

Keep the theatre door open

Our staff will keep the door to the theatre open to aid ventilation. Please don’t touch or close it.

Personal Property

Please keep your personal belongings on your audience “base” throughout class and please don’t touch other people’s belongings.

Bring your own water

There are no tea/coffee or water refill stations provided. Please bring your own water or flask and no food in the theatre space.

Important: our staff are doing their best to keep you as safe as possible in difficult and changing circumstances. Please consider this when addressing them.

For any queries about our policy, please contact us on

To see all of our available classes, please look at our Theatre School page.