Coronavirus Update – Upcoming Changes in September 2021

We’re looking forward to welcoming more of you to the theatre as restrictions ease. However, we’re aware a lot of you might still feel anxious about attending the theatre.

Therefore we’re making a few changes to the way we operate so we can welcome more of you in a safe and secure way.

What we’re doing and what we expect from you:



We’re continuing with cabaret seating in our theatre spaces and we’re increasing capacity. We’re placing a few more tables in the space and re-arranging our seating plan. But the theatre still won’t be at full capacity.

This will allow you to sit with the group you booked with.Tables are available in groups of 2,4 and 6. 


While we have cabaret seating, we’re still asking everyone to book tables in advance. This allows us to plan the seating arrangement for the evening. 

We’ll  still ask you to sign in on the NHS COVID 19 app when you arrive, or provide us with contact details from your group. 


We’ll ask you to continue to use our contactless hand-washing stations that are situated at the front entrance and the entrance to the theatre. 


We ask that yo uwear a mask when arriving at the theatre and moving in the corridors. You are invited to wear a mask when observing in the audience but this isn’t mandatory.


While restrictions have eased, we ask you to be mindful of other people’s personal space while moving around the building. 


When arriving at the theatre, you’ll be shown to your table for the evening and invited to go to the bar to order your drinks before the show. The bar will also be open during the interval and after the show.  There will be a clearly signed, socially distanced queue to the bar. 

We’ll also have some tables set out in the bar where you can enjoy your drinks in a bigger space. 


We’ll gradually increase the capacity of our classes, but  will keep no contact games or activities. We’re capping the courses starting in September 2021 at 12 spaces. 

We ask students to respect one another’s personal space during classes and allow space between you where possible. 

We will also be offering one fully socially distant  4-week course per teaching block. This will be capped at 8 spaces to allow plenty of room for everyone taking part. And we’ll ask participants to stay 2m away from everyone at all times.