Cast Bio | Breaking Bread | November

Kino Luna Theatre will be bringing their new show Breaking Bread this Friday, an immersive show where they invite members from the audience to have dinner with them. In this blog, we took a look at the all-star squad of improvisers that make up this exciting new theatre company.

Tom Wilkinson

Tom trained with the Oxford Imps was a founder member of Impromptu Shakespeare and of bilingual improv group Pirates of Tokyo Bay. He performs and directs Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes and is a guest with Degrees of Error in “Murder She Didn’t Write”.  He has improvised at venues such as Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare’s Globe, and the BBC’s “Art of Improv” event, as well as the Perth (Aus) and Edinburgh (UK) Fringes, and the Providence Improv Festival (US). In the past he has devised mixed-media productions at the Pegasus Theatre, Oxford, and produced animated projections for social justice dance company Justice in Motion.

Archie Cornish

Archie is an improviser and writer. He has performed improv with The Oxford Imps, Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes, as well as Kino Luna Productions. Performances on tour include The Netherlands and South Africa. Aside from his creative work, Archie is finishing a doctoral thesis on English literature. 

Caitlin Campbell

Caitlin has been improvising since 2011: after discovering improv at university she went on to join Degrees of Error and co-devised their flagship show ‘Murder, She Didn’t Write’. She performs with The Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock HolmesThis Is Your Musical and The Bish Bosh Bash. Caitlin is the BIT’s Artistic Director: she also writes courses for the BIT Theatre school and occasionally pulls pints behind the bar.

Breaking Bread is on Friday 8th October at 8pm. Tickets are £8 and can be bought here.