BIG November Show | 20/20 Foresight | Rehearsal Diary

The BIG November Show is a thrilling double bill of original improvised productions, presented by the Unscripted Players. 20/20 Foresight is inspired by Sliding Doors and Run Lola Run, this is an improvised speculation of two possible futures, diverging from one audience member's minor decision. We chatted to Director, Will Gawned, about the rehearsal process so far.


What have you been getting up to in rehearsal this week?

With only a few rehearsals left, we're doing run throughs of the format, and focusing on getting comfortable with the interview and scene work. A run through always seems to take longer than I want with stops and starts and clarifications about what is expected. Then notes and discussion eat up so much time! It's necessary, and can't be done any other way (that I can think of), but hopefully next rehearsal we'll get two runs done. At our last rehearsal we also filmed a short preview infomercial! Keep an eye out for it!

Any new exercises or games you have learnt/adapted and love?

This isn't unique to my show, being an adaption of 'Zip, Zap, Boing' that Some Sing About Mary created, but I love our romantic comedy version of this game. It really helps people feel loved and connected. We also adapted a 'colour/advance' exercise using true stories to practice interviewing.

Any moments from rehearsals that you enjoyed?

I've loved learning a lot more about my cast, their history and family, hopes and fears, through impromptu interviews we use to inspire scenes. I also love the little rituals we've established, especially our end of session "compliment soup" which we send up into the sky once we're done.

What are you looking forward to seeing from your cast at performances?

Grounded scenes with real people spiraling out of control, as life throws more and more crazy stuff at them! Funny accents!

What's your favourite thing about improv?

The exploration and joy of discovery. I love to be on stage and not know what is going to happen, and then be surprised and inspired based on what does happen! I love just being in the moment. When watching improv, I love seeing people commit and confidently just being in the scene.

What are you hoping your audience will take away with them after seeing your show?

I want the audience to leave feeling reflective about their lives and thinking about the future. But I'm also prepared for them to want to drink to forget!

Will Gawned, Director

Photography Credit: Peter Critchley


The Unscripted Players BIG NOVEMBER SHOW is on Friday 9th & Sat 10th November, 8pm & 2pm. Doors 7.15pm & 1.30pm. Tickets are £10 and can be bought HERE.