Andrew Dennis’ Musical Playlist | This Is Your Musical | October

This year, we have been asking cast members of our flagship musical theatre show This Is Your Musical for their 10 favourite songs from musicals. We have been compiling these into a Spotify playlist for you to listen to! This time round, and for the final entries into the playlist, we asked original cast member and professional voice actor Andrew Dennis.

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Hamilton The World Was Wide Enough
Sweeney Todd These are My Friends
Guys and Dolls Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat
Once Falling Slowly
My Fair Lady I Could Have Danced All Night
The Lion King Hakuna Matata
Hamilton Say No To This
Aladdin Friend Like Me
West Side Story Something’s Coming
The Little Mermaid Part of that World

About Andrew

I LOVE being in This Is Your Musical. Once I get over the initial pre-show panic attack, I get to go on these wild, wacky, beautiful adventures with my musical buddies. It’s always joyful and hilarious to go through, but we also hit some really touching and poignant moments that feel really special to be a part of.

Third person mode ENGAGE. Andrew is a performer living in Bristol who works mainly as a voice artist, and has acted for stage and film and toured nationally and internationally as a puppeteer and for street theatre. He got into improv a couple of years ago when he was cast in This is Your Musical, and is also part of the Bish Bosh Bash casting pool. He loves improv, and the beers at the BIT. And the cocktails. And the people I guess. But that BEER. And those COCKTAILS.

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