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These terms and conditions relate to hiring event space at the Bristol Improv Theatre (Venue Hire). Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to affect your statutory rights. These terms form part of the Bristol Improv Theatre's general Terms and Conditions. For more information contact hello@improvtheatre.co.uk.

Agreement to Hire

  1. By completing and submitting our venue hire form, you ('the hirer') agree to make an offer to The Bristol Improv Theatre Ltd. ('the BIT', 'we/us') to hire our venues and to be subject to the following terms and conditions. Your offer of hire is accepted by us by notice from our venue hire team. This agreement forms a contract of hire between you and the BIT.
  2. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that the hire space is suitable for any proposed events. The BIT and its representatives reserve the right to cancel, without warning or refund of hire fees, any event, either proposed or ongoing that they judge a risk to or material violation of the BIT's ticket and event terms and conditions, health, safety & welfare policy, safespace policy, mission, vision or values, premises license, local governmental planning or building control law, environmental control conditions or that otherwise in any way obstructs the BIT's ability to operate without risk to its staff, patrons, property or equipment. Please ensure that you have openly discussed the details of your proposed event with BIT representative BEFORE booking your event.

General Venue Hire Terms

  1. A venue hire form is available from the venue hire team, by emailing venuehire@improvtheatre.co.uk
  2. Information submitted to the Bristol Improv Theatre via our Venue Hire Form will be used by the BIT to process your hire request. This may include passing information to relevant third parties, however this will only be done where it is necessary to complete your hire request (e.g. the booking of caterers or additional equipment).
  3. The information submitted on the Venue Hire Form must be true, accurate and complete to the best of the Hirer's knowledge. Failure to provide accurate or incomplete information may lead to additional fees being added to the Hirer's invoice, or the cancellation of the hire agreement without refund.
  4. Upon submission of a completed and signed Event Hire Form, an invoice will be issued to the Hirer's contact email address.
  5. Payment of hire fees must be made via BACS to the account indicated on the invoice. The BIT does not accept hire fees in cheque, money order or cash.
  6. All hire fee invoices must be paid within 14 days. Failure to pay an invoice will result in further charges being applied.
  7. Where a Box Office Service has been requested, payment of monies taken on behalf of Hirers by the Bristol Improv Theatre Box Office ('box office receipts'), less any agreed deductions, will be made to a designated UK bank account within 21 days of the event and a remittance notice shall be sent to the hirer, where the Hirer has submitted BACS details to the BIT. Where no BACS details have been submitted, the Hirer shall be paid within 21 days following transmission of suitable payment details to the BIT.
  8. The BIT will not approve the payment of any part of the box office receipts to the hirer in cash.
  9. An account statement shall be provided to the Hirer together with payment of the box office receipts, with a detailed breakdown of how the payment to the Hirer was calculated.
  10. The hirer shall have 14 days, from the receiving of any box office receipts, to appeal the ammount paid.
  11. Upon cancellation of any hire agreement, hire fees will be returned subject to the following deductions:
    • 10% deduction if cancellation is made more than 28 days prior to event
    • 50% deduction is cancellation is made 28-14 days prior to event
    • 100% deduction if cancellation is made less than 14 days prior to event
  12. Once the venue hire form is submitted to us, any subsequent significant changes to the event time, date or space requirements shall incur additional charges, which will be added by the BIT to the invoice issued to the hirer. This additional charges will be incurred as a percentage of the total invoice, depending on when the Hirer requests the alteration. The charge shall be:
    • 10% for approved change requested within 14 days of the start of the event.
    • 20% for approved change requested within 7 days of the start of the event.
    • 50% for approved change requested within 48 hours of the start of the event.
  13. Significant changes are defined as:
    • The addition or subtraction of a space to or from the agreed hire.
    • A change in date or day of the week.
    • A change in time of the event of more than 6 hours.
  14. Any significant changes will be subject to the availability of the BIT's spaces on the requested dates and times. Should the requested alteration not be possible, if the Hirer no longer wishes to keep the original dates and times, the hire agreement shall instead be cancelled. Hire fees shall be returned to the hire subject the deductions for cancellation as outlined in these terms.
  15. The Bristol Improv Theatre reserves the right to cancel any and all hire agreements with a minimum 28 days notice period (the hirer's full hire fee will be returned).

Event Run Down Sheet

  1. When agreeing to a hire we will send you an Event Run-down Sheet which is a online document detailing the event which will be taking place in the time, dates and spaces of hire.
  2. Hirers should use the Event Run-down Sheet to notify the BIT of every detail of their event. This includes information any the BIT requires to provide any requested services (e.g. ticket prices for box office service) or any additional requirements required by the hirer in support of the event (e.g. prop storage). This information must be submitteed on the Event Run-down Sheet, in advance of the event start time and before any reasonable deadline we set. Hirer's will receive notice of the deadline for completing the Event Run-down Sheet when they receive the sheet for their event.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse to honour to requests made by Hirers, where the details of this request have not been provided via the Run-down Sheet before the indicated deadline.
  4. We try to use information entered on the Event Run-down Sheet accurately in organising, listing and promoting events, however the BIT reserves the right to edit/substitute submitted names, descriptions and images for accuracy, length, suitability, clarity and copyright issues. Further the BIT accepts no liability for any damages arrising from the errors or ommissions made on the Run-down Sheet form, nor from any complaints arrising from the submission, use, or transmission of the information submitted.

Risk & Liability

  1. Where storage is provided, all property stored at the BIT is done so at the hirer's own risk.
  2. The Hirer agrees that, where activities are not covered by our standard insurance policies, they have arranged sufficient and suitable insurance cover for their event. Proof of required insurance cover may be requested by the BIT at any time. Failure to provide suitable insurance details upon reasonable request may lead to the cancelation of the event. Please speak to our team if you are unsure as to whether your event is covered by our insurance policies.
  3. The hirer agrees to submit to the BIT a suitable and full risk assessment of their event prior to the event taking place. We reserve the right to cancel without refund any event where we have not received a suitable risk assessment. If you require assistance in preparing a suitable risk assessment, please speak to our venue hire team.
  4. The Hirer agrees to leave the hired event spaces in the same condition they were hired in. This includes the repair or replacement of any damaged equipment or building assets, the cleaning or replacement of any spoiled soft furnishings and the removal of all rubbish, food waste, sets, props, costumes, technical equipment brought to the theatre by the company. Any and all property left on BIT premises after the hire period has ended will be disposed of.
  5. The Hirer agrees to accept full liability for any damages, costs or loss of earnings incurred by the BIT arising from any action of the hirer during the agreed hire period, including any legal cost arising from disputes pertaining to this agreement.
  6. Where technical equipment is provided, the Bristol Improv Theatre cannot be held liable for any loss or damages, including cancellation of shows or destruction of property, resulting from:
    • Use of equipment that contravenes the prior instruction of the on-duty technician, stage-manager or other technical staff.
    • Failure of the Hirer to adhere to safety briefings and other clear instructions from Bristol Improv Theatre management.
    • Failures of technical equipment arising from circumstances outside of the Bristol Improv Theatre's control.

General Considerations

  1. At all times in relation to the agreed hire, the Hirer agrees not to diminish, subvert, or bring into disrepute the brand or good name of the Bristol Improv Theatre.
  2. Hirers agree that, while within BIT spaces, the Bristol Improv Theatre and its staff may take photographs of the hirer, their audiences and, where applicable, their associated acts, where these activities do not interrupt or interfere with the hirer's activities or prevent their enjoyment and use of our spaces for the period of hire. Any images taken are the property of the Bristol Improv Theatre and will be used for the theatre's own promotional material only.
  3. Hirers agree that the Bristol Improv Theatre may film the company the hirer, their audiences and, where applicable, their associated acts, where these activities do not interrupt or interfere with the hirer's activities or prevent their enjoyment and use of our spaces for the period of hire. Filming shall comprise short video clips only and any video footage taken is the property of the Bristol Improv Theatre and will be used for the theatre's own promotional material only.
  4. The BIT reserves the right to distribute publicity materials in desginated areas during the hire period.
  5. Hirers agree that the BIT may cancel, curtail or interupt the HIrer's hire period at any time for reasons of:
    • Emergency repair or maintenance.
    • In the event of serious or catastropic equipment failure (including the hirer's equipment).
    • In safeguarding of the BIT's health, safety and welfare, or safespace policies.
    • In responding to a medical emergency or criminal activity.
    • In the event of natural disaster.
    • In the event of national emergency.
  6. In the event that any cancelation, curtail or interuption of the hirer's event that sufficiently disrupts the event such that it cannot continue, and, in the determination of the BIT, the hirer was found not to be at fault, the hirer shall be entitled to a refund of hire fees, less any successfully completed hire periods.

Governing Law

  1. These terms and conditions and any hire agreement concluded incorporating these terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and all disputes shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
Last Updated On November 10, 2018
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