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About Volunteer Ambassadors

The BIT's Volunteer Ambassadors help spread the word about the BIT, its work and of course, improv! Whether its representing the BIT across other communities and groups, getting the word out their about our diverse programme or helping others get their ideas heard, our Ambassador keep the theatre in touch with the rest of creative Bristol and the world! The perfect place for those who love to talk… and listen!

Current Volunteers

Section coming soon.

Join the Volunteer Ambassadors

We are looking for friendly, outgoing and community-minded individuals to join our Ambassador team. If you're proud of what the BIT is doing and want to tell people about it – the Bit Volunteer Ambassadors team may be for you! Even if you don't fancy the limelight, don't worry, we're also looking for groups who can help us to distribute the BIT's printed programmes and flyers. Could you take a few leaflets on your morning job, your weekly school-run or your Friday pub-crawl? If the answer is yes, please get in touch! You'll even get your own personalised contact cards – perfect for making introductions!

Active Ambassadors are asked to attend local and community events of all kinds and also help distribute our printed programmes (organised seasonally).

If you are interested in being a Volunteer Ambassador, or fancy joining any of our other volunteering teams please visit our theatre volunteering page, and sign up for our Friends and Volunteer programme.

Last Updated On October 09, 2018
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