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About Volunteer BIT Board of Advisors

The Bristol Improv Theatre is run by artists, for artists and we are the first to admit that we don't know everything. Though the Board of Directors make the final decision, they are assisted in that task by support from the Volunteer Board of Advisors. The Board is made up from experts in our community from across the spectrum of human experience, helping to make the BIT better.

Current Volunteers

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Join the Volunteer Community Associates

We are looking for experienced, wise and patience people to join the BIT's Board of Advisors. Between facility development, office management, space hire, our bar, our new box office and the theatre itself with all of its props, wardrobes and technology – it sometimes feels like we are running half-a-dozen businesses rather than just one! If you have expertise in tax law, project management, web development, accounting, business strategy, HR or you have experience in running an arts organisation of any kind, please consider becoming an advisor.

Active Volunteer Advisors make themselves available via email for occasional questions and are invited to sit on problem solving committees or attend one of the regular Board of Director away-days, depending on their availability.

If you are interested in being a Volunteer Advisor, or fancy joining any of our other volunteering teams please visit our theatre volunteering page, and sign up for our Friends and Volunteer programme.

Last Updated On October 09, 2018
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